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Posted 1 year ago

A quick comment on film sets

So I just finished watching The Guild, Season 6.  Not bad…not really the best of the show (by far), but it wasn’t terrible either.  Not as laugh-actually-out-loud as funny as the rest.  But anyway…

…after I finished it I clicked on the link to watch a bit of season 1 again, and found myself watching it with behind the scenes comments “pop-up video” style at the bottom of the screen.  After 5 minutes of season 1, I was amazed at the simplicity of the production.  They shot the majority of stuff in their own homes, using their own props and their own costumes.

It suddenly occurred to me that this web series really didn’t look anything different from most of the other TV I’ve seen, where everything is carefully constructed on a set.

It made me wonder…how much money is actually wasted on unnecessary set pieces?

I remember seeing a featurette on the (really not that good) film adaptation of Congo, and they were interviewing the guy who provided all the insects on set for the jungle scenes.  He was really excited at the rarity and detail of the actual insects he brought in for filming.

After seeing this, however, I was struck with this thought: who the hell would watch this movie and actually remember any damn tiny insect they saw in the background?  Or moreso, if you took out all the insects, would there be a single person who saw the movie and said “you know, it was great and all, but where the hell were the insects in the jungle?”  The answer to both of these seemed obvious enough to me.

Hollywood certainly still has money to kill on things like sets, but I still maintain that a whole chunk of it is unnecessary.  With good writing, acting, and some creativity, you can get the same quality for much cheaper.

Posted 2 years ago


I completely missed this today, which is a bummer, because it’s awesome.

The Guild: I’m the One That’s Cool (by geekandsundry)

Just watched season 5 of the Guild a few nights ago with my roommate.  This makes me like it even more—which I barely thought was possible.